Elisabeth Rose
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Sent to assess a deceased estate in a small coastal town, ambitious city girl Tiffany Holland is initially annoyed by the out of the way assignment but soon discovers sleepy Birrigai hides a wealth of surprises -- a Kissing College, a cross-dressing motel manager and most amazingly, Miles Frobisher her client, the laid back surf shop owner and sexy fantasy man of her dreams. 

Focussed and driven, Tiffany's ambition is to become a junior partner in her financial firm but the spell of small town life and the proximity of Miles gradually seduce her. Her growing relationships with various townspeople highlight the lack of warmth in her life thus far, driven as she is by a need to excel in every way in order to please her father.

To her astonishment and Miles' horrified shock she discovers the boxes of papers reveal startlingly facts about his beloved recently deceased mother and the father he believed deserted them. A man he grew up hating.

Emotionally inept Tiffany is incapable of comforting Miles and has no idea of the passions she arouses in him. Her own feelings for him are too strong for her to deal with or express and the secrets she has uncovered create a yawning chasm between them neither is able to cross.

Mango Kisses
E For England
The Ripple Effect
Annie, deserted single mother of two, befriends handsome neighbour Hugh, an English doctor. Neither wants a relationship-Annie is off men for the time being and Hugh is off children permanently. Both agree friends is the way to go but Annie's resolve is shaken when her flatmate, sexy and voracious Leonie, meets Hugh. Leonie sees an opportunity to fill the blank space E on her Men From A-Z chart-a listing of one night stands by nationality and sexual ability.
Can Annie stand by and allow this to happen? Friend he may be but Hugh is fantasy material. Will he succumb to Leonie's charms and become E For England?

In the heat and chaos of raging bushfires a runaway teenage girl dies giving birth. The toddler accompanying her is assumed to be her son, a mistake of identity with ramifications stretching in to the future.

When Shay Brookes finds the girl he believes to be his little sister he is shocked by the attraction he feels. Joelle Paice is horrified to discover this man is her brother not only because of her spontaneous attraction to him but also because she had no idea she was adopted.

Shay's arrival causes a rift within Joelle's family and forces her adoptive parents to face the consequences of not telling her the truth. Hurt and betrayed by the people she loves Joelle turns to Shay and, aided by her pregnant, unwed adoptive sister they begin the search for their birth parents.

Longer Romance
The House at Flynn's Crossing
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Coming Soon the romantic sequel to my romantic suspense Find Her
Anxious to rid herself and her twin five-year-olds of dark memories, twenty-three-year-old Antonia arrives in the small rural town of Flynn's Crossing, hoping to reconnect with the children's father.