Elisabeth Rose
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When Maja's abusive gang boss husband Tony is murdered she takes the opportunity to flee, change her name and leave her criminal family and her past behind. As Lara Moore she and her toddler son Petey live quietly in suburban Sydney until she comes across Brooke, the victim of a brutal bashing and helps her, despite misgivings about an inevitable involvement with the police.

Investigating Detective Nick Lawson is intrigued by the prickly, reclusive young mother and finds her irresistibly attractive but as more details of her past and her crime steeped family emerge he doubts whether his career would survive such a relationship, even if she was interested in him.

With the arrival of Brooke and Nick in her life, Lara is slowly drawn out of her self induced seclusion and learns to trust the dedicated, determined detective. He is the antithesis of everything she was brought up to believe the police to be.

Then, to Lara's horror, first her older brother Ivan contacts her wanting to make amends, and then Lucas another of her husband's vicious cronies, appears, claiming money and making threats which culminate in Lara's worst nightmare, her baby in danger.

Evidence Of Love

Empty Heart
Honeymooner Nikki Spenser emerges from the surf at Surfers Paradise and can't find her husband, her towel or her clothes on the beach. Carlos has disappeared from her life as suddenly as he entered it.

In despair, Nikki returns to Sydney where she is contacted by Detective Luke Emerson, a reminder from her past she thought never to see again. Luke informs her the man she married so recklessly in Las Vegas three weeks ago doesn't exist. Nikki realises she knows very little about Carlos beyond he is a wealthy Spanish businessman. Or so she thought. Who is he? Where is he?

Nikki and Luke are plunged into an ever widening sea of crime and violence as they seek the answers to her questions.

Long listed for the 2016 Sisters of Crime Davitt Award
Long listed for the 2015 Sisters of Crime Davitt Award
Find Her

A chance sighting leads to second chances – for hope, for family, and for love.

Five years ago, teenager Antonia disappeared. With no compelling evidence, the police eventually called her a run-away, and dropped the case. Her teacher, Jax, has always regretted not speaking up about the rumours she heard circling the school that day, but a random sighting at a train station raises the possibility that Antonia is still alive – and not too far away.

Antonia’s father, Connor has never given up hope that his daughter will be found and returned to her family. When her old teacher, Jax, calls him with a small spark of a lead, he seizes it with both hands, determined to chase it down.

But there’s more at play than simple teenage rebellion and the path Jax and Connor travel rapidly becomes more dangerous than either could have imagined, and opens up new possibilities that neither could have expected.
Romantic Suspense