BOOK TITLE | A Light In the Dark

A Light In the Dark



A Light In the Dark

Romantic Suspense



Can a dream hold the answer to a violent crime...and bring two people together? 

Since the deaths of her father and stepmother nine months before, Mia Petros has suffered a terrifying recurring dream which implies their deaths were not a murder-suicide at the hands of her father --as the police decided--but a double murder.

In Taylor's Bend to clear and sell her father's house, Mia, driven to breaking point by the dream and the simmering resentment her appearnace has aroused, is determined not to leave the bleak midwinter town until she has answers.

Local newspaper editor, Arlo McGuinness, an ex-investigative journalist avoiding his own troubled past, is intrigued by hte mystery adn by Mia, especially when she tells him about her dream. His old familiar urge to find the truth is awakened. But his probing engenders trouble--nasty comments are followed by malicious acts, and before long Arlo and Mia face escalating violence, their lives in danger.



Category: Romantic Suspense
ISBN or ASIN: 13: 9781867206774)
Pub Date: 2020
Edition 1st
Formats Ebook
Pages 200
Publisher Escape Publishing